Love and Guts: Thrasher Magazine and Oakley Close 2011 With Celebration of Skateboarding, Art and O Heritage


Skateboarding culture…and the art inspired by it…is alive and well.

And the legendary Thrasher Magazine and Oakley are making sure of it – as the two iconic names closed out 2011 with the publication’s 30th anniversary and the Love and Guts Art Show at the Lab in Costa Mesa, Calif.

With a feeling of nostalgia of the skateboarding’s storied past, a celebration of the sport’s future and an appreciation for art/photography – skate legends Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, Neckface, Michael Sieben and Patrick O’Dell showcased their work at the exhibit – while Vans skateboarder Ray Barbee threw down some tunes as a spirited soundtrack for the festivities.

With two local skate shop “takeovers” – BLENDS and CARVE (strong Oakley supporters) – Oakley’s unique history was also on display with a vibrant product time line.

From Oakley’s first-ever product, the famous B1 BMX/Motocross Grips, Razor Blades, MARS, Over the Tops and more of the brand’s legendary creations – the skateboard world took in a nice reminder of O’s sports core and heritage.

Capped off with a preview for 2012 releases – including the unveiling of the Dispatch II, apparel, goggles, outerwear and gloves – it’s safe to say that the spirit of the O was in the air to complement the night – honoring the sport and everything associated with it.

Peep the following video on the event: