Q & A

  1. Mr. Koia...being from N-Zed, you seem to be living the endless winter. When do you actually get downtime from the snow??

    I get all of june, october and november off so thats plenty really.

  2. Who were your biggest influences in the Southern Hemi and who did you look up to from the Northern Hemisphere?

    Growing up i always looked up to the older guys in New Zealand like Dylan butt i really like his style and guys from the northern hemisphere like Terje and Daniel frank now there's a lot of people i like to watch and ride with.

  3. When did you decide to move out to Canada for the Northern Hemisphere winters?

    When i was 17 i started going to Canada and just traveling generally.

  4. Who influenced you to do that and how was winter in Canada versus winter in NZ?

    My mum and that was just the next step for me. Well the snow was a lot better and the resorts were much bigger. We have a lot of man made snow on our mountains and its really hard to find good snow if you cant heli.

  5. NZ has turned into somewhat of the epicenter of summer shredding for a lot of big named pros...have you noticed a change in the parks and the mountains since there are more people riding out there?

    Yeah mainly snow park is the reason for that. A lot of good riders like Terje and Rice have been coming out to NZ filming forever though.

  6. Last year at Stylewars there was a big rivalry between the NZ snowboarders and the Australian Snowboarders...when did that start?

    Its a joke really. I dont care most my best friends are Australian or live there but i guess its just evolved from the whole rugby thing.

  7. You guys got taken down by them...what's the strategy this year to take them out?

    Yeah they beat us in that part of the event but the judges must have still been drunk from the night before, like four or five of our team hit the 135ft jump and we all got tricks on it when two of the Australian's hit it once and crashed...weird. So the strategy this year is to keep the judges focused and sober lol

  8. What were your biggest accomplishments this past season in the Northern Hemi?

    Getting a wild card to the arctic challenge was rad thats my second time there and its always a well structured event. I done a little filming with Standard and Transworld but other than that just sledding a bunch and shooting photo's with Scott Serfas.

  9. You've been an Oakley athlete for a long time...what are your favorite apparel and eyewear products?

    The track pants i have on now are sick not sure what there called though, prescription eyewear and watches i dont really know i wear and like most things i get sent.

  10. Smash it?

    Smash you!

  11. Stylewars:

    Best event in the southern hemi

  12. Kiwi

    A flightless bird that no one ever sees

  13. Whistler

    Home away from home

  14. Sled

    Hikings for suckaz

  15. Mum


  16. Oakley


  17. 5 Items you can't live without?

    mum, macbook, credit cards, phone, kicks

  18. When did you start your snowboarding?

    I was 8 or 9 years old my first day boarding.

Jake Koia

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Date of Birth:
November 23, 1984
Arrowtown, New Zealand
Oakley, Red Bull, Lib Tech, Flux

Career Highlights

    • 2010: 1st, Billabong Bro Down Big Air
    • 2010: 1st, Dew Hut Jam Rail Jam
    • 2008: 1st, Cardrona Big Air
    • 2007: 2nd, Slopestyle ALTS
    • 2006: Best Trick & Best Overall Rider, Red Bull King of the Rail Contest – Australia
    • 2005: 3rd, Oakley Stylewars Slopestyle