Oakley Tops 2010/11 TransWorld Business Snow Exposure-Meter


It’s that time of year again when the esteemed TransWorld Business Mag runs the numbers to determine the annual exposure winners in the powdery white world that is the snowboarding industry.

Gigi Rüf claimed the 2010/11 riders’ crown, Andy Wright earned his fourth photographers’ championship and yours truly usurped Burton’s six-year reign as the logo leader!

Oakley came out of the gates hot and held the lead all season with enough juice to take the title, but our work is far from done as Burton still holds the all time lead though-for the last seven years combined with 843 logo looks. Not to fear however, Oakley is hot on their heels in second with 685, followed by DC with 395.

“This achievement from Oakley Snowboarding is really something to be proud of,” said Sports Marketing Manager Joe Prebich. “In marketing it can be difficult to gauge the success or failure of initiatives, but this TransWorld ranking is the one real indicator that shows the state of where you sit from a brand perspective. Claiming the number one place for the first time ever is huge, especially considering that this was something Oakley Snowboarding specifically set out to achieve in 2011.”

Be certain that the Oakley snow crew will continue to work relentlessly to ensure that the brand continues to collaborate with the right athletes, events and industry activities to keep Oakley on the path to becoming one of the most visible, tangible and respected brands within the snowboard industry.


Elishia Matta


May 03, 2011