Mack Dawg Private Screening


The Oakley Snow and Alternative Marketing teams were in full swing all day yesterday preparing for the “private screening” of Mack Dawg’s two latest films. It you aren’t familiar with Mack Dawg Productions, it’s basically the genius that is snowboarding today. Coming off their 19th year of making snowboard films, the anticipation was high for what these two movies.

Oakley’s Matty Swanson, Chris Hotell, Liam Barrett and Chelsea Jurgensen worked all day long preparing for 400 industry riders, media and friends who would soon descend upon Oakley headquarters. As the day wore on, the list grew larger and by 6pm the line to get in stretched to the valet area. Sammy Luebke, Heikki Sorsa, Eero Ettala, Aaron Bittner and many more riders from the film showed up with their crews and significant others.

Around 8:30 the first film, “We’re People Too”, kicked things off in Oakley’s amphithatre. It was a huge hut, with everyone cheering loudly for the banger parts. One could feel a true appreciation from the crowd for what the riders and film crews put into the past season’s filming.

The stand out part had to be Bryan Fox—this guy is an animal. To say he slays it would be the understatement of this article. Plus, he’s entertaining. For example, after a police officer shouts down a rail session, Bryan calmly walks up to the officer and asks, “Could you supervise this? My parents felt a lot better when there was supervision while I was doing crazy stuff.”

Other standout segments included Flippio Kratter (Oakley Regional Rider) and his crazy style and Austin Smith’s closing part in the backcountry.

After a quick intermission for everyone to refuel on Budweiser or Smartwater, everyone headed back in for the grand finale.

“I am stoked to see it,” said JJ Thomas before the start of the film. “This film always seems to set the standard for everyone each season.”

Picture This started out with a fun skit, some sick animation and super slow frame rate shots, making for a unique snowboard video intro.

As the movie rolled on, it was obvious Dawger, Kramer and the crew had delivered again. KP (Kevin Pearce) and Shaun White showcased an epic night session in the Superpipe at Northstar. Eero’s ridiculous segment displayed his snowboarding skills as only Eero Ettala can. And Heikki Sorsa and Aaron Bittner also had some banger parts, which were a combo of sick backcountry shredding and top-notch urban rail riding.

All in all, the evening was a huge success. People were stoked, the films rocked and the season is officially underway with ASR kicking off tonight in sunny San Diego.


Matt Murray


September 06, 2007

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